Police Recruitment and Training

Police Recruitment and Training
Although there is a steady increase in the number of college-educated entry-level police officers, most agencies do not make such education mandatory.

Do you think that formal education is important for a law enforcement officer? Is there research that suggests whether degreed officers are better performers?
Which majors (other than criminal justice) would be most helpful if your department was to require a college degree for patrol officers? >>>>answer (psychology major)
What are the varied duties of a patrol officer?

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Police Recruitment and Training
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In addition to whatever formal education a recruit brings to the job, the police academy will add hands-on training.

Research your local police department to learn about the training academy for new recruits and describe what a recruit will learn and experience.
Analyze whether there are any skills or training that you feel should be added to or removed from the training academy. Justify your responses.

 (research should be done for local police department assignment Richland county sheriff department south Carolina 


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