PM 586 Final Exam (New version)/PM 586 Final Exam (New version)

1. In a strong matrix structure, employees take daily direction from:
Project manager only
Both, but the project manager has greater influence
Both, but the functional manager has greater influence
Functional manager only
2. If the schedule variance is positive and the cost variance is negative, the project’s status is:
Over budget and behind schedule
Under budget and ahead of schedule
Over budget and ahead of schedule
Under budget and behind schedule
3. Which category of projects would involve a large number of functional units where the workers may be assigned either part-time or full-time?
4. Which type of chart provides the least “predictive” value?
Bar chart
5. Scope creep is generally the result of:
Too much detail in the specifications
Having too many levels in the WBS
Poorly defined SOW
Having the wrong people assigned to the project

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PM 586 Final Exam (New version)/PM 586 Final Exam (New version)
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