Please answer the questions with no less than 6 sentences

Please answer the questions with no less than 6 sentences and please add a response to the 3rd question from a fellow student. Thank you . 1. What do you think of the class so far? Is everything making sense? Are you confused about anything in the lectures up to now? Are you able to keep up with the lectures?2. What are your experiences with critical, interpretive writing? How can you make sure you are not doing evaluative writing? At what point is plot summary excessive? At what point is quoting insufficient (when do you need to quote)?3. Please respond to this If I can remember correctly I don’t recall having experience writing a critical, interpretive paper. Most of my experiences with essays, and speeches have been from a descriptive and evaluative approach. The safest way to ensure I’m not doing evaluative writing is by keeping my personal opinions aside. The writing needs to be objective supported by scholarly sources, using adequate film knowledge and understanding of the film’s narrative. A plot summary is excessive when you have to dedicate more than a couple of sentences to it, even dedicating a paragraph to a plot summary can be too long. I think that it depends on the movie and the depth of its plot, some movies are easier to explain than others. Every argument needs to be backed up by a source or have a counterargument. It’s a great way to develop your thesis argument.

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Please answer the questions with no less than 6 sentences
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