Please answer the following questions with no less than 6 paragraphs.

Please answer the following questions with no less than 6 paragraphs.1. What are some assumptions that Americans (or, if you’re not American, then from your country, or even some other group with which you identify) have that are seen to be natural and normal, when they are actually constructs created through custom and convention? How these constructions work? What potential problems arise from having those assumptions? Give an example.( Feel free to use American or African American. )2.I don’t think there is a question that ideology or hegemony, assuming certain things to be true or natural, is problematic. However, this does not necessarily mean that the things we do believe are necessarily bad. Do you think that in the U.S. or in whatever culture you identify with, hegemony should be countered? Or are things fine the way they are? After can you please respond to one of these discussions in no less than 6 paragraphs. Discussion to Question 2. Because hegemony prioritizes those in power, I think it’d be safe to assume that their ideologies are also the only one’s being taken seriously and for that simple fact, it should be countered. Ideologies are based on perception which derive from experiences and so when ideologies impact whether certain thoughts or constructs are valid, it becomes then a game of power through the ‘trickle down effect’. Being that things are in a constant state of renewal and alternation, keeping in mind different experiences (i.e. perceptions) (i.e. ideologies) will then give minorities room to eventually equal their hegemonic counterparts intellectually and reach a possible socialist state. orQuestion 2 as well I believe that hegemony should always be countered and revised. I strongly believe that governments and institutions rarely act in the best interest of the overall population. I’m not saying they do this 100%, but I believe they mostly act in their own self interest, especially if money is involved. Once an institution has power, they will only work towards maintaining that power if not attempting to expand it. I think it would be naive to think that governments and institutions in power are without flaw because at the end of the day we are still all human with different morals, values, beliefs, problems, and interests. Those in power do not favor everyone, which is why I believe hegemony should be in a state of constant revision and evolution to adapt to an evolving environment and its peoples needs.Thank you.

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Please answer the following questions with no less than 6 paragraphs.
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