physical security in DR/BCP scenarios

Your task: You have been asked to give a presentation at Business Round Table Event. Attendees are owners of small businesses and corporate managers whose employees are now working from home due to the global pandemic. The need for physical security to protect equipment and other assets has risen in priority for these business owners and managers as they realize that they have a gap in their business continuity planning and response which needs to be addressed.Background: During the global pandemic, many companies throughout the region, both small businesses and larger corporate entities, successfully transitioned to “work from home” allowing them to continue operating despite the issuance of “work from home” and “stay at home” orders from governmental entities. Storefronts and offices for non-essential businesses and services were shuttered or reduced to minimal staffing. Concerns about the potential for thefts, break-ins, and other forms of unauthorized entry have been raised in many organizations who were not prepared for extended periods in which their facilities would be unoccupied / unattended.For this presentation, identify and discuss five or more technologies and countermeasures which can be implemented to address the problem of providing physical security in an unoccupied/unattended facility (you should not propose any measures that rely upon guards or other personnel who would need to be physically present). Your presentation should address both preventive and detective controls for physical security, e.g. perimeter fencing, gates, bollards, lighting, CCTV, audio scanning, alarm systems, key-card controlled entry, etc.

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physical security in DR/BCP scenarios
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