phil 1010

Using the text and online resources in this module, respond to one of the following focused questions in at least 500 words. (Be sure to cite online sources by author or title and date as well as Web address/URL.) 
In your original responses, be sure to cite primary source quotations in the words of the philosophers in addition to secondary source information about their ideas.

Primary source: Descartes reached the conclusion, “cogito ergo sum” (Descartes).
Secondary source: Descartes methodological doubt led to the certainty of the mind or thinking subject. (Morgan)

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phil 1010
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Focused Questions:

Compare and contrast the rationalist and empiricist approaches to epistemology. How are these two differing approaches to knowledge, unified in Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason? (Use primary source quotations in your response in addition to secondary sources.)
Examine the Feminist perspectives on Epistemology in Women’s Ways of Knowing. Describe the stages of knowledge that lead to communication and social engagement. How are these alternative ways of knowing different than traditional approaches to epistemology explored in previous philosophers? (Use primary source quotations in your response in addition to secondary sources.)

Reply to at least two other student Discussion postings in at least 100 words. For this Discussion, you must post first before you will see the postings of your classmates. 

What did you learn from the other student’s post?
What can you add to their Discussion post?


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