Performance Lawn Equipment

Assignment 5:
Please Write a formal analysis of question 1-5 showing answer is word doc. and excel. Show what methods you used to find answer. Please show work in excel and summarize in the word doc. 
Elizabeth Burke wants some detailed statistical information about much of the data in the PLE database. In particular, she wants to know the following:

the mean satisfaction ratings and standard deviations by year and region in the worksheets Dealer Satisfaction and End-User Satisfaction

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Performance Lawn Equipment
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2. a descriptive statistical summary for the 2014 customer survey data: Example of descriptive statistical summary is below:
Please list: mean, standard error, median, mode, standard deviation, sample variance, kurtosis, skewness, range, minimum, maximum, sum, count, largest, smallest, confidence level
3. how the response times differ in each quarter of the worksheet Response Time?
4. how defects after delivery (worksheet Defects after Delivery) have changed over these 5 years?
5. how sales of mowers and tractors compare with industry totals and how strongly monthly product sales are correlated with industry sales?
Attached is the data for these questions. Assignment due by 11:59pm 11/6 


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