Peer Response 1


Review the peers’ response

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Peer Response 1
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Compare and contrast your experience to that of your classmates. Share an idea that might help your peers with their frustration moving forward.

Your responses should be at least 100 words

 My thoughts at the beginning of the activity were very off-setting I was extremely worried that I was going to fail and not be able to understand what I was reading and that all the strategies that I was thinking of using were not going to help me.  As I was reading the annotated article I was like this is not bad not sure why I had worked myself up. 
I learned that I can do anything as long as I take my time and I stop underestimating myself. For me, reading is something that I love and I think I had overthought the article and was worried it was going to make me hate reading articles like this one. 
When looking back at the last 4 weeks I can say that I have enjoyed this class the most. I love the way that you encourage us to read for 2 hours and that you hold us accountable for that reading every week by making us summarize the reading that we did that week. I forgot how much I love to read a book and think back on what I had read in tell this class. Thank you so much for that.  The only thing in this class that was a part that was frustrating was reading something outside my comfort zone


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