PED 598 – Narrative Literature Review

PED 598 – Narrative Literature Review

Research and Inquiry Project

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PED 598 – Narrative Literature Review
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Dr. Terry Conkle – Spring 2020

Some Key Expectations / Requirements

*APA format for everything (page numbers in upper-right corner as a “Header,” matching in-text citations and references, etc.)!


*Times New Roman Size 12 font

*1-inch margins all 4 edges

*3rd-person, matter-of-fact perspective

*No contractions, unless in a quotation/quote


Submit, to Dr. Conkle, a list of 3 – 5 Research Questions on topics of interest to you personally (specifically related to Physical Education, Sport Management, or the broad Sport Science sub-disciplines).

Key Dates:

3 – 5 RES Questions are due on 01 – 28 – 2020

Topic(s) approved on/by 02 – 04 – 2020

Title Assignment due on 02 – 11 – 2020

Completed Term Paper (Narrative Literature Review) due as a hard-copy to Dr. Conkle by NOON on 03-24-2020

PowerPoint Presentation e-mailed/time-stamped to Dr. Conkle, for review, no later than NOON on 04-06-2020

PowerPoint Presentations regarding each student’s project will take place as scheduled on the course syllabus

Some sample wording for how to develop or phrase a research question:

What is the incidence of ___ and prevalence of ___-related disability in the United States; what are the common interventions for rehabilitation and their effectiveness; what factors influence differential outcomes; and what therapies can prevent or remediate development of secondary issues?

Does Tilapia contain more Omega-3 fatty Acids than other edible fish?

Do marble colors chosen by children, when playing, reflect their dominant personality traits?

Is 4- to 6-year-old children’s knowledge of their parents’ home safety rules an accurate predictor of child residential injuries?

Which type of hammer is most efficient for driving 16-penny nails: Left-handed, Right-handed or Ball Pein?

Research Requirements

Required # Pages, not counting Cover Page or Reference Pages> 15
References Required (minimum #)> 15
Peer-Reviewed Original Research from Scholarly Journal Articles Required (minimum #)> 13
Meta-Analysis Studies (these will count for the previous category)< 02
Published Narrative Literature ReviewsZERO
Newspaper Articles (Optional, maximum #)No more than 02
Popular Magazine Articles (Optional, maximum #)No more than 01


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