Pearson Education MyLab IT

I am taking the following online course, Pearson Education MyLab IT.  The course has 13 tutorials and tests.  Is this something you can do this week, and if so, what is the cost?

Word Volume 1, Chapter 1: Creating Documents with Microsoft Word 2016

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Pearson Education MyLab IT
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Word Volume 1, Chapter 2: Creating Cover Letters and Using Tables to Create Resumes

Word Volume 1, Chapter 3: Creating Research Papers, Newsletters, and Merged Mailing Labels

Excel Volume 1, Chapter 1: Creating a Worksheet and Charting Data

Excel Volume 1, Chapter 2: Using Functions, Creating Tables, and Managing Large Workbooks

Excel Volume 1, Chapter 3: Analyzing Data with Pie Charts, Line Charts, and What-If Analysis Tools

Excel Comprehensive, Chapter 7: Creating PivotTable and PivotChart Reports and Using BI Tools in Excel

Access Volume 1, Chapter 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Access 2016

Access Volume 1, Chapter 2: Sort and Query a Database

Access Volume 1, Chapter 3: Forms, Filters, and Reports

PowerPoint Volume 1, Chapter 1: Getting Started with Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint Volume 1, Chapter 2: Formatting PowerPoint PresentationsPowerPoint Volume 1, Chapter 3: Enhancing a Presentation with Animation, Video, Tables, and Charts


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