Pathogen Analysis Report

Assignment Requirements • Word Count: 1000–1,500 words• APA formatting• Citation requirements: 5 scholarly sources (excluding textbook)• Plagiarism submission• Describes and addresses characteristics of the pathogen (i.e. infectious agent), methods forcontrolling and treating the pathogen, and the overall impact that the disease has on humanhealth.• Includes specific headings for each section of the paper*****Pathogen Analysis Report*********{Overview}As a professional, you will likely spend a lot of time interacting with patients. It is vital that you are able to inspire confidence in your patients and promote a clean and safe environment. Healthcare professionals are in high demand and this labor outlook expects to continue. The understanding of microbial organisms, their origins and their impact to the health of an individual as well as the greater community is imperative in health care to not only treat but also proactively prevent the spread ofdisease.{Assignment Instructions}Identify a pathogen to describe how a typical case would present, as well as how it spreads, and the possible treatment options, by addressing the following requirements. Your final report must describe and address characteristics of the pathogen (i.e. infectious agent), methods for controlling and treating the pathogen, and the overall impact that the disease has on human health.—–Section 1 – Typical Case• Research the characteristics of a typical case associated with the pathogen you havechosen to analyze.• Describe the chief complaints from the individual experiencing the disease, includingsignature signs and any other important findings.• Describe the typical progression of the disease.——Section 2 – Pathogen (i.e. the infectious agent)• Research the characteristics of the pathogen.• Identify and describe the classification of the pathogen (i.e. bacteria, virus, fungi, etc.).• Indicate any specific identifying characteristics, such as morphology, metabolism andany specific requirements for growth.——-Section 3 – Epidemiology• Research how the disease is transmitted.• Describe how individuals typically acquire the infection.• Identify and explain any specific disease vectors and/or reservoirs.• Research and report the disease prevalence in recent years.• Describe any populations (geographic, cultural, socioeconomic, etc.) that might be at a higher risk of infection.• Investigate any recent outbreaks and describe them in detail.——Section 4 – Prophylaxis/Treatment• Research any approaches that are used in the diagnosis, control and treatment of this disease.• Describe the typical methods that are used to combat this disease.• Explain the typical outcomes expected from treatment and indicate whether the disease can be cured.

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Pathogen Analysis Report
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