Response Paper #3
So basically first I need a response paper #3 the first two are already done, I can send you one of them to see how exactly it needs to be done, it basically just is reflecting on what you learned from the readings and documentaries he assigns us to do. That needs to be 5 pages due December 3th
There are some class notes as you see i separated them into topic 11, 12 , 13 under each week there are links to reading and documentaries.. pick two links from each week 11,12,13 and thats what i need to write response paper on. l also added few slides from class notes so its easier for you to get the ideas on the topics we learn in class… Like i mentioned before its a response paper, you are not summarizing anything or taking quotes from texts you need to write in first person your reflection about those topics… For ex i learned blah blah blah, or my opinion on this is this you can also relate those to todays issues, you have to identify the issues etc… i sent you my last response paper so you can get the idea of how to do it please have it done by dec 3th 
Experimental Component Paper
And one experimental component that’s just a one page, just watch a short documentary that has to do with Middle East and just write your thoughts about it
This is a good documentary for the experimental paper

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