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You are 

a Travel Agent with Texas State Travel in Houston. Your address is 

1627 Shepherd Drive with a zip code of 77008.

A potential customer, Mary Beth Levinson, 1811 Country Place, Oklahoma City, 

Oklahoma, 70612, has contacted you about cruises during Spring Break of 2017.

She has never taken a cruise, but is interested in what is available. 

She will be traveling with her 22 year old daughter Brittney, who has just graduated from college.

Your goal is to go online and research a possible cruise. Try or or Select a cruise in the time frame indicated that could be of interest to your customer. 


Write a persuasive message encouraging her to take the cruise you describe. If 

cost information is available, feel free to use that information. If cost information is not available, estimate the cost of the cruise at $3000 to $4000 for the trip. 

In addition to mentioning the cost of the cruise, you want to have at least 

three other key points to use in your persuasive argument. Try to determine what would interest your customer. Be sure to follow the indirect persuasive approach in writing your letter. You will use the Block style letter with open punctuation.

For additional 3 points, design a letterhead with your company’s name and address at the top of the page.


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