Write a  700-800 paper that evaluates the Christian worldview using the method described in the Groothuis text

Summarize the Christianity worldview by using the main categories of belief discussed:  

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1. Reference how Christians believe the Bible is the infallible truth 

2. Ultimate reality – God is the creator; and there is ONE God

3. Source of Authority – God is the ultimate supreme being. Sovereign :Trinity Father, Son, Holy Spirit

4. Human beings, source of morality – Made in his image. We were made to worship Him : The God Creed ( see Psalm 8:5).

Part 2 (Groothuis Text) – Write about proving the Christian’s Worldview on Christianity

Criterion 2b. If a worldview affirms X, Y and Z as essential elements, and any of these elements contradict another essential element (say X contradicts Y), or is self-contradictory, this worldview is necessarily false because it is logically inconsistent 

Criterion 4. The greater the extent to which a worldview’s essential factual claims can be established in various empirical, scientific and historical ways, the greater is the likelihood that this worldview is true.

Criterion 7. If a worldview substantially alters its essential claims in light of counter evidence, it loses rational justification.

Paper must be written in APA form, and have at least 4 book references also written APA form.  MUST HAVE PAGE NUMBER INCLUDED IN All CITATIONS noted.  


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