Other Culture Interaction Paper

This assignment requires that you have an intercultural interaction with someone from a culture different than your own.  First, read about and conduct research on that different culture in depth, reflect upon it and write about it. Then identify a“friend” you will be interviewing and interacting with for this assignment.  Formulate some questions you want to ask them about their culture and experience. Spend time with the person or group from a culture different from your own asking them your questions and talking about what you have learned in this class.  Finally, immerse yourself in their culture, perhaps a meal at their place, an activity that is popular in their culture, etc. Observe their interactions and others from their culture during your immersion. The purpose of this assignment is to help you learn about a cultural system that is different from yours through reading and through interactions with members of that cultural group. Write a 3-6 page reflective paper about the intercultural experience in which you have participated. The paper should include: 

1. a detailed description of the experience2. a discussion of the research of the cultural group you interacted with, as well as the values and assumptions operating in the other cultural system3. a discussion of how the other culture differs from your own and implications for future interactions4. a discussion of the interview you conducted5. an application of concepts, skills and attitudes learned thus far in the course to your understanding of the experience.

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Other Culture Interaction Paper
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The best papers will be free from errors and read easily along with having detailed analysis and insight.  I want to be able to visualize the communication interactions that you are referring to, so please make them clear and detailed.  Be sure to address all that the assignment calls for and put all course terms in Bold


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