Organize the information of Farmers Insurance Group

Organize the 8 paragraphs in the word doc I attached together, do not need to follow the order in the Word.doc and you can make some appropriate alterations, abridgements, revision or supplements. Also, pls insert some other references and sentences in these 8 paragraphs to make the report read smoothly
Complete a report summarizing all the information they have gathered about the financial intermediary assigned. The report must be limited to 6 pages. Students are asked to use a 12-point font and to double-space their report (excluding 
bibliography page(s) and Appendices page(s)). You are also asked to use one-inch margins and the APA style of citation. You must
cite all sources. Ensure that you have some scholarly sources (at least 3 recent scholarly sources published after 2010). The other 
sources of information could be your textbook, the internet, library, and statistical data etc. One of the goals of this report is to 
prepare you for presenting reports in the workplace.

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Organize the information of Farmers Insurance Group
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