Organizational Theory -2


Discuss the scientific      management, and the administrative approach to studying health      organizations. Describe the basis of each theory (theorist, basis, concepts)      and its impact on the development of Saudi health administration and      practice.

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Organizational Theory -2
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o Introduction about Classical management theory 
o Scientific management theories has 3 theorist (pick two only ) 

Principles of Fredrick Winslow Taylor.
Frank &Lillian Gilbreth.
Henry L. Gantt.

o Administrative Management

Theorist.  Henri Fayol 
Basis of administrative       management 

o Summary the impact of organizations theories on the development of Saudi health administration and practice. 
What is the motivation? Compare between different content motivation theories? Select two of them and explain how can be used by nurse manager in motivating nursing staff?

Motivation      definition 
The      content theories. 
Content      theorist 4 (select 2 only  )

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need
Two Factor       theories- Hertzberg (Theory of Job satisfaction)
Achievement       Need Theory (McClelland)
Clayton       Alderfer’s ERG Theory



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