organizational behaviour

choose two of the following topics covered across the course in framing the focus of your discussion: Work Values; Job Attitudes; Strategy and OB; Leadership Skills; Organizational Change
Advice on preparation:
· Be able to explain, in your view, what leadership is
· Be prepared to briefly discuss current challenges/change in the luxury sector
· In your chosen topics: 1)be able to define/explain the topic and 2) consider important aspects of that topic in leading through change and/or crisis 
· Please use course material, relevant literature, and/or examples where appropriate to illustrate and support your points
· Demonstrate your engagement with course content, readings, and discussions
· Include independent research where appropriate
Your answer should comprise the following sections:
1) INTRODUCTION – 15% of the grade
2) ISSUE #1 (Choose from the topics covered across course) – 35% of grade
3) ISSUE #2 (Choose from the topics covered across course) – 35% of grade
4) CONCLUSION – 5% of the grade
5) REFERENCES – 10% of the grade (demonstrate engagement with course readings and independent research expected at MSc level)
ORGANIZATIONAL managementLeadership

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organizational behaviour
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