Organ Donation and Transplantation; the principles of Altruisms and Utilitarianism.

Topic Selection: Organ Donation and Transplantation; the principles of Altruisms and Utilitarianism.

This is the explanation of why I choose the topic you can have an idea.

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Organ Donation and Transplantation; the principles of Altruisms and Utilitarianism.
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I select the topic of Organ Donation and Transplantation based on the principles of altruism and Utilitarianism because I believe that this must have to be done with disinterest and selfless for the happiness and well –being of others. The organ donation should be done focused in the benefit and impact of those who received it. This has to have the intention to help and saved the life of those who need it. Along also with the concept of utilitarianism where every donation and transplantation should have the intention of “do not harm”. According to Utilitarianism the donation and transplantation should be seek to increase the greater good and benefit for the greater amount of people. This meaning that, within this process, those who donate an organ where still have a life to live should be as beneficial as those who received the transplant. I think this topic is very interesting and have a lot to talk about and there is many moral principles to look at it as provider and Doctor or as donor and recipient.

The paper should:

· Discuss the technical aspects of your topic in general terms.

· Discuss the public policy debates relevant to the topic you choose. This section should cover arguments that are in favor of and opposed to the use of the techniques or products.

· Express your personal opinion regarding the importance of the topic and the validity of the pro and con arguments.

Give this some thought, this will be the topic you will be using for the outline, rough draft, and final term paper assignments. Make sure you can find articles for support of your topic. Read the term paper requirements before you select your medical ethics issue topic to insure it is what you want to research.

1. This week, you will submit an outline of your term paper.

· Your submission must include an introduction, body, and conclusion sections in outline format.

· Each section of your outline should include topic sentences and paragraph transitions that help tie your major points together.

· Your outline must follow current APA style formatting.

· Refer to the writing resources below to get started.

Writing Resources:

· Outline Template Click for more options

· Four Components for Effective Outlines

2. This week, you will submit a rough draft of your term paper.

A rough draft is not expected to be polished, and as such, this assignment will be graded on a completion basis. However, in order to receive full credit for the assignment, the following components must be met:

· The rough draft includes an introduction, a minimum of four body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

· A minimum of three references are incorporated as supporting evidence.

· Use the outline you posted as a guide. As you draft you may find that changing some pieces is necessary for the paper to make sense.

· Be sure to follow APA style formatting for your paper and cite your sources.

3. This week you will submit the final draft of your term paper. Your submission must include:

· A title page.

· The body of the paper, which includes 4–6 pages of professionally written text

· At least three references from textbooks, websites and articles that provide adequate justification and support your claim

· Subheadings (technical aspects, public policy, and personal opinion/conclusion)

· Appropriate in-text citations throughout paper

· A reference list with only the sources used in the body of the paper (All sources should be less than 5 years old unless recent research is not available, and at least one reference must be a peer-reviewed article from a profession journal. Do not use Wikipedia or an encyclopedia as they are not considered reliable academic sources and will not be accepted.)

· APA style formatting throughout your paper

· Some link where I for good information of the topic.




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