Oral Presentation MOD 8.3

The ability to convey information, both orally and in writing, is a necessary skill for today’s workforce. In this activity, you will present your research findings. Your presentation must include a minimum of six slides but no more than eight. It must have embedded audio and include speaker notes.Keep in mind that as a minimum your presentation must: Identify your research problem (with appropriate support). Explain why the problem is relevant. Identify the data you analyzed and what the results of that analysis revealed. Justify your recommendation. Include a reference slide.Additional instructions. When building the slides I need the script for what to say in the notes at the bottom of each slide. I will still have to verbally talk once you are done.Use the sources available and I can adjust if you end up needing more sources. The paper and powerpoint have to ‘work together”

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Oral Presentation MOD 8.3
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