Oral Explanation of Benefits

Assignment: Oral Explanation of BenefitsUnit Outcomes addressed in this assignment:Define key terms.Provide examples of a statute, regulation, and case law.Summarize federal legislation and regulations that affect health care.Explain the concept of medical necessity.List and explain HIPAA’s provisions.Course Outcomes addressed in this assignment:HS215-1: Follow basic principles and guidelines of major insurance programs when submitting insurance claims.PC-2.3: Demonstrate integrity through the application of relevant codes of conduct and social responsibility within one’s profession.Assignment Introduction:As noted in the Unit 3 Assignment, patients may contact the office for assistance to clarify and understand their EOB. Building upon the Unit 3 Assignment, imagine that you are contacted by the patient, Mary Smith. She is having difficulty understanding the EOB, so you must describe the EOB for the purpose of clarifying the information for the patient. Maintain your own perspective as the medical office professional and share the information with the patient so they can understand what is stated in the EOB.Assignment Directions:You should create a minimum of three slides to accompany your oral presentation, including a title slide, reference slide following APA style, and any visuals that will assist in your explanation. As part of your visual exhibit, you can refer to the EOB document itself. Your explanation of the EOB to the patient should last approximately 2 minutes. Utilize the resources in Academic Tools to assist with APA requirements. Any slides created should be double-spaced in 14- to 16-point Times New Roman font.Your presentation should:be aligned with the purpose of the assignment (helping the patient to understand the EOB, from your perspective as a medical office professional)follow the conventions of Standard English (grammar, punctuation, and spelling)use clear enunciation, a professional tone, and minimize background noise/interferenceinclude appropriate word choice and oral expressiveness

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Oral Explanation of Benefits
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