One discussion and 2 replies

New Union Conceptualization

After all that we have read and explored, a new conception of unions may be needed. Think about what structure and functions a union might provide to employees in the 21st century and share your vision of what a new union would do (the role that it serves it members, the role it functions in greater society, and so on).
Submission Instructions:

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One discussion and 2 replies
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Your initial post should be at least 200 words, formatted in current APA style. Your initial post is worth 8 points.
You should respond to at least two of your peers by extending, refuting/correcting, or adding additional nuance to their posts. Your reply posts are worth 2 points (1 point per response.) 
All replies must be constructive and use literature where possible.

Post by classmate 1
Today’s union is very different than in the past. Differences are significant as it relates to the essential functions performed by a union are evident in today’s workplace. In the past, unions were known for their representation of blue-collar workers. Blue-collar is defined as workers that perform primarily manual labor. (Workable, 2012) Unions in the workplace today represent more than blue-collar workers. Union members have higher education levels, professions such as nursing are represented and today’s biggest group of represented workers can be found in health services and education. 
In the past, unions focused on issues in the workplace such as wages. Today’s union continues to make wages a main focus, however, additional concerns such as safety practices, lessening racial wage gaps, workers’ retirement security, and work-life balance.  In greater society, unions influence the political arena. Prior to elections, unions assist with the campaigns of those politicians they support. Their focus on politics supports their quest for the reduction of inequality in economic growth and how they can improve this important subject. By supporting political candidates, unions provide their members with education regarding polticians’ commitments to the communities they will serve if elected. 
Sylvia Peraza
Toolkit, HR. (2019, December 06). Blue collar worker definition: What is it and where does it come from? Retrieved August 13, 2020, from (Links to an e

Post by classmate 2
It appears that Trade Unions have become just about voiceless. What was once curated on the basis of fortifying better conditions for workers in addition to mending and maintaining structural and systematic issues occur within the work sectors is slowly becoming tone deaf to government bodies, businesses and NGO’s who have voluntarily chosen to pursue alternatives that ex-communicates the middle man-Trade Unions (Kenway, 2018).
Therefore, labor unions should focus on repurposing, re-establishing, and repositioning themselves and their value-added benefits that workers cannot absolutely afford to pass up on. It is imperative for a union in the 21st century to reinvent themselves and increase their competitive advantage by way of collective bargaining.
Furthermore, some areas of opportunities that unions can revise to generate better results as it relates to re-generating an interest in it’s sector and what it has to offer are:

Promoting individuality, minimizing discouraging ‘Group Think’ environments
Make systematic changes that boosts employee promotions yet makes it easier to terminate disgruntled and in complicit employees
Reducing all non-membership fees to better appeal workers who were not convinced to join organically

(Stevenson, 2018).
Kenway, E. 2018. Unions in the 21st Century: adapt to survive, co-opt to grow. Retrieved from (Links to an 


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