Nutrition Final Project

The U.S. population is aging, which brings unique nutritional needs and concerns for older adults. Using the knowledge you have gained this semester, you will complete this assignment as a final assessment of your understanding of the foundations of nutrition and how they apply to a specific demographic – our aging population.
Assume you work at a senior center and have been asked to develop a Tip Sheet for Seniors about nutrition. Many of these seniors live at home, prepare their own meals, and are on limited incomes. The senior center is a congregate meal site. This tip sheet will be distributed to the seniors themselves as well as their family members and other people in the community that may assist the seniors.
When writing your tip sheet, please address:

hints for assessing and improving nutrient density of meals
hints for saving money when grocery shopping or eating at restaurants
hints for making meals more enjoyable
cultural, social, and psychological factors that may influence an older adult’s ability to obtain adequate nutrition
potential problems associated with nutrition for this population
health problems that could result from high or low nutrient intakes
how the seniors or their family members can recognize potential nutrition related problems quickly, and what can be done. Be sure to do this tactfully and professionally.

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Nutrition Final Project
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Things to Consider
Be sure to think about presentation as well as the information you will include. Present the information in a way that seniors will both read and understand. Be creative!
Thoroughly address each instruction given above. Your tip sheet should be a minimum of 2 pages in length.
BE SURE to cite all sources quoted or used in any way (even if it is just our textbook). Always give credit where credit is due.



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