Please select one of the prompts, whichever is easier to write on, and write 200-250 words. 2 references are required. One is our textbook which I attached. The material starts from chapter 16, it’s only a section of the book. The other must be a scholarly article like a peer reviewed journal within the last 5 years.The second part of the assignment is to reply to another student’s discussion post. Please write a general reply, somehow adding to the subject like using different information or examples, anything that shows expansion of the subject or “new ideas”. I can personalize it to match the student’s post but as long as I have a general discussion post regarding the same prompt or the second prompt whichever is easier. This is only 150-200 words. 2 sources needed. one text one article. Prompt 1: Deduce how you would apply your evidence as an Innovator to a point-of-care issue? Support if the evidence is valid. Would it apply to all patient-centered situations? Tell us how you would handle situations where unit staff are resistant to using Evidence based practice (EBP).Prompt 2: Tell us if your nursing units use research evidence to support clinical practice guidelines? Report what other evidence nurses should take into consideration related to clinical decision making. Tell us how you would handle situations where unit staff are resistant to using EBP.THANK YOU!

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