Nurse Manager Stress

From Instructor: Chapter 29 introduces ways that nurse managers can support change, contribute to collaboration, and build a positive work environment. The day-to-day management challenges and the sources of demands that managers must balance (page 520) are prevalent in almost any healthcare organization and can be a source of stressDescribe your observations about how nurse managers can achieve a balance, manage incivility that may arise, and continue to mentor and support others on their team. What are successful techniques that you have observed or experienced? What would you like to learn about these complexities to be more effective in your own career?From student: Hi, this is a discussion post. Please view the nurse manager stress page 520 that I attached. I am also attaching an example of a response from another student. Please use any of the examples from the book/your knowledge about successful techniques I have experienced and what I would like to learn. An example I personally can give is my nurse manager shows empathy if someone needs a day off or has a funeral to attend or has some personal thing going on and when she is empathetic those nurses are more willing to support her and come on their day off when we are short staffed. I would love to be empathetic too as a nurse manager and also be good at time management to relieve the stress of managing nurses so I can meet the needs of my staff. You can make anything up, thank you!

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Nurse Manager Stress
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