NURS6512 Final Exam latest 2021 (100 questions)/NURS6512 Final Exam latest 2021 (100 questions)

Question 1          
During chest assessment, you note the patient’s voice quality while auscultating the lung fields. The voice sound is intensified, there is a nasal quality to the voice, and the e’s sound like a s. This sound is indicative of:
lung consolidation.
bronchial obstruction.
Question 2          
To spread the breast tissue evenly over the chest wall, you should ask the woman to lie supine with:
her arms straight alongside of her body.
both arms overhead with palms upward.
her hands clasped just above the umbili-cus.
one arm overhead and a pillow under her shoulder.
Question 3          
Assessing orientation to person, place, and time helps determine:
ability to understand analogies.
abstract reasoning.
attention span.
state of consciousness.
Question 4          
One of the most important aspects to consider in the orthopedic screening examination is:
muscle contraction.
Question 5          
You are examining a patient in the emergency department who has recently sustained head trauma. In order to initially assess this patient’s neurologic status, you would:    
ask him to discriminate between the smell of orange and peppermint.
test the six cardinal points of gaze.
palpate the jaw muscles as the patient clenches teeth.
observe for swallowing and test the gag reflex.
test the patient’s tongue movements.

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NURS6512 Final Exam latest 2021 (100 questions)/NURS6512 Final Exam latest 2021 (100 questions)
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