My topic of choice is “Not speaking up when unethical practices become evident”. One of the strategies I used is typing “not speaking up and unethical practices”. This search yielded specific articles and books that I can use in both the web and West Coast library. In the West Coast library, to further narrow my results, I simply clicked on the filters such as if I want articles or books or if I want it peer-reviewed, which is one of the most important search features because it gives me articles that have been evaluated by members of our profession. This gives articles more credibility. 
The topic I chose to discuss is: Exhibiting poor quality in performance and apathy in goal attainment. This sounds like a very interesting topic which I would like to explore more. In the West Coast Library search field, I used Boolean operators and entered “and” as the specific terms so that I am able to decrease results to ensure I narrow down my choices. I searched “Exhibiting poor quality performance and goal attainment”, I could also have used “or “to find alternative terms if needed to increase my choices.  It was more difficult when entering “or”, for this specific topic.  
I will choose a peer reviewed article as these articles are scientific journals and have meaningful research. I am interested in exploring accurate conclusions.

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