Nurs 6211

Finalize your Healthcare Budget Request by completing the following:
Part 1: Financial Statement Calculations and Analysis:
Open your Excel Assignment Workbook and navigate to the “W10/11A6 Financials” worksheet.
You have 2 Options for completing this Assignment as noted in the Excel Assignment Workbook.

Using the Healthcare Budget Request Guide for guidance, conduct analyses as directed on either your organization’s financial statements or those provided in the HealthWays Financial Statements worksheet. Your analysis will include spreadsheet calculation of financial statement ratios.

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Nurs 6211
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Part 2: Summary of Analyses and Interpretation of Results:
Create a brief (1- to 2-page) description of your analyses. Be sure to address the following in your summary:

Describe the results of each statement analysis. What do the results of each analysis mean?
What does your complete financial statement analysis suggest about the financial health of the organization?
If using your current organization’s data, does your analysis help describe any observed organizational behaviors or actions? Explain.
What assumptions have you made in your analyses?
What implications do these analyses have for your proposed healthcare product or service?

Part 3: Summary of Work and Final Healthcare Budget Request
Compile and summarize your work in previous assignments. Place your final work on the Healthcare Budget Request template. Your final Healthcare Budget Request should include:

A final version of your Executive Summary
A final version of your projected expenses and revenues
A product/service budget for the launch and the first 5 years
A summary of financial and SWOT analyses that you conducted, including your interpretation of the results
A 3- to 5-slide PowerPoint presentation containing the final version of your elevator speech, incorporating selling points from your analyses that you believe make the business case for nurse entrepreneurship and leadership’s commitment to your proposed healthcare product or service.


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