NUR3826 Week 4 Final Exam Latest (Graded)/NUR3826 Week 4 Final Exam Latest (Graded)

Question 1
A nurse who has an obvious physical disability applies for a staff nurse position. Which question, asked by the nurse recruiter, is legal?
“How long have you been disabled?”
“How does your disability affect your life?”
“Are you able to fulfill the requirements of this job?”
“Has your condition stabilized, or do you foresee it getting worse with time?”
Question 2
What is the basic purpose of the state board of nursing?
To ensure that all practicing nurses are competent
To restrict nursing practice through regulations
To ensure that all schools of nursing seek national accreditation
To establish a means of protecting the public at large
Question 3
A nurse brings suit against the hospital after being terminated for excessive absenteeism. Who is the defendant in this lawsuit?

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NUR3826 Week 4 Final Exam Latest (Graded)/NUR3826 Week 4 Final Exam Latest (Graded)
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