NSG6001 Week 5 Final Exam /NSG6001 Week 5 Final Exam /NSG6001 Week 5 Final Exam

Question 1: More than half of all cardiac arrhythmias involve the atria.
Question 2. Question : What are the most common symptoms caused by tachyarrhythmias?
Question 3. Question : For women with known CAD and diabetes, which is most appropriate to assess CAD risk?
Coronary bypass surgery
Coronary catheterization
ETT with imaging
Question 4. Question : Of the following, which is the best answer when asked for an advantage of echocardiogram exercise testing over thallium stress testing?
Does not depend on operator experience
Costs are the same
Results are available more quickly
Doesn’t matter because there are no advantages
Question 5. Question : Your patient has uncomplicated pyelonephritis. In deciding your recommended treatment, you consider the most common pathogenic reason for this diagnosis. What pathogen accounts for the majority of pyelonephritis?
E. Coli
Gardnerella Vaginalis
Mycoplasma Hominis

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NSG6001 Week 5 Final Exam /NSG6001 Week 5 Final Exam /NSG6001 Week 5 Final Exam
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