NSCI 281 Final Exam Latest (updated)/NSCI 281 Final Exam Latest (updated)

1.     Plasma is ____ while formed elements are ____. 
a.    a blood gas; blood clots
b.    the liquid portion of blood; the cells
c.     lacking in protein; regulators of blood osmolality
d.    the cellular portion of blood; acellular components
e.     mostly protein; the matrix
2.    Which of the following cell types is an immature red blood cell?
a.    erythrocyte
b.    reticulocyte
c.    thrombocyte
d.    monocyte
e.    leukocyte
3.     In the platelet release reaction
a.     factor XII is activated
b.    ADP and thromboxanes stimulate other platelets to become activated

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NSCI 281 Final Exam Latest (updated)/NSCI 281 Final Exam Latest (updated)
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