Novel: Native Son by Richard Wright

Choose ONE of the following prompts and compose a 3-5 page literary analysis of Richard Wright’s NATIVE SON. You were provided several examples of SCHOLARLY sources, any of which you may use to support your thesis. PLEASE TAKE TIME TO LOOK AT THE THESIS EXAMPLES YOU WERE PROVIDED IN YOUR FILES AND PREVIOUS MODULES. You MUST have a clear and concise thesis or your essay is invalid. This essay must be MLA, 3-5 pages, with at least 5 sources, one includes the novel. IF YOU HAVE A SOURCE ON YOUR WORKS CITED, IT MUST BE USED AND PROPERLY CITED IN THE ESSAY. DO YOUR RESEARCH. DO NOT CHOOSE A TOPIC THAT WILL NOT YIELD ENOUGH PAGES AND ANALYSIS OPPORTUNITIES. Deposit a PDF of your essay here.

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Novel: Native Son by Richard Wright
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