NKU NRP472 Module 5 Quiz Latest/NKU NRP472 Module 5 Quiz Latest

Question 1
A researcher at a school of nursing decides to investigate the correlation between a pre- admission HESI examination, high school GPA, and SAT scores as a predictor of success in completing first year study. These admission variables will be reviewed again with grades achieved after the first year is completed. This use of data is known as which of the following?
Known-groups technique 
Concurrent validity 
Predictive validity 
Construct validation 
Question 2
Which aspect of reliability does the “Cronbach’s alpha” indicate?
Internal consistency of the measure items within one measure 
Equivalence of two separate forms of a measure 
The extent of expert agreement ensuring adequate content coverage 
Measurement stability performance over time 

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NKU NRP472 Module 5 Quiz Latest/NKU NRP472 Module 5 Quiz Latest
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