Nissan chairman arrested, CEO resigns “PR Issues”

The student is required to use pertinent and credible business-oriented publications such as: The Wall Street Journal, Business Week magazine, Advertising Age magazine, the Journal of Marketing, the Journal of Marketing Research, etc. (quality sources)as a reference source. The student will select a current Public Relations issue, in accordance with the chapters assigned in the course calendar and prepare a written paper (minimum of 4 full pages) discussing and evaluating the topic in context to the PR and Marketing concept and strategies presented in the textbooks and/or discussed in class lecture. 
The “Issue” selected is at the student’s discretion. However, it must be related to the selected chapter studies, as assigned in the class syllabus schedule. All “Issues” assignments will be evaluated on the basis of (1) the relevance of the topic selected to the other portions of the class studies, (2) the number of reference sources used, ( a minimum of 4 – 6 quality sources are required) and (3) the overall “quality,” “readability” of the written paper. 

At least for 4 sources and 4 pages.  Need to have introduction and conclusion with as much as body paragraph. Also, it should raises awareness about the Nissan chairman arrested, CEO resigns and how Nissan planing to regain the trust.

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Nissan chairman arrested, CEO resigns “PR Issues”
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