NFT Music

Identify a new technology emerging in the music industry. Explain how it has built on previous technologies. Identify advantages and disadvantages of this new technology for music creators, distributors and consumers and evaluate its overall potential.- There must be a minimum of one reference from a guest speaker. If a guest speaker reference is not included an automatic penalty of 10% will apply.- 2000 words, you will not be penalized for being 10% over or under the word limit, but beyond that flexibility, penalties will apply. – A minimum of 4 references is required to pass this assignment. References MUST be included both in-text and in the bibliography using Harvard to be considered.- You must include the cover sheet as part of the write up in pages or word format, and ensure your name is the first thing on all files & folders. NFT QUOTE by Cara Williams“NFT’s fall into all forms of digital technology, particularly in terms of a PR Campaign.”Cara phrases that much like PR Campaigns, NFT’s are ultimately up to the artist.If an artist has an NFT a publicist will be asking “is there a story here?”

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NFT Music
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