Network Submitting

 Scenario: Montcrief, Inc. has the business need to build a small enterprise of devices that perform different functions and need to be networked together. You are the lead network engineer to setup these devices to be networked together. Using the IP scheme 192.168.X.X setup a network that will allow for each of these devices to speak with one another. Also be sure to identify the key items to consider when networking systems together. For example, VLANs should be setup on the switch device to ensure that network traffic communicates with the appropriate devices on the network only.
Feel free to snapshot the included graphic and write in the dummy IPs for each system (lets start with and move from there (eg etc.). Write passages (1 to 2 paragraphs) for each system in the graphic above and what network concepts you felt were crucial in order to network these devices together appropriately. Also, what did you feel were the security implications at the network level (switch) that should be reviewed prior to moving forward with operational use?
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Network Submitting
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