Network Security

Prepare a comparison study with various continuous authentication approaches (which supports one factor or more than one factor). You are required to search various papers and websites of these approaches and find out their unique features and write at least four(4) continuous authentication approaches mentioning their features, uniqueness, how the study was conducted, what is the accuracy of this approach. Regarding these approaches, please consider recent two/three years publications (2018-2021) only. You are required to write a paragraph mentioning the above criteria. It is possible to choose some adaptive authentication techniques which published in recent years that support continuous authentication.
Then based on your research, need to prepare a comparison table with these four approaches and mention your criteria to compare these approaches and why you choose these criteria. You are required to provide a reference for each of the chosen Continuous authentication approaches. 

Must be 2 to 3 pages long not including the title page. 
network securitycomputer science

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Network Security
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