Negotiation Strategies for Women

Negotiation Strategies for Women

Read the other file attached name “ Negotiation Strategies for Women” to finish this sheet below

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Negotiation Strategies for Women
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The case study, Negotiation Strategies for Women, deals with the topic of negotiations and gender. It pertains directly to the topics covered in chapter 10 of your textbook. It is taken from articles published by the Program on Negotiation at Harvard University. Read each article and provide your analysis and opinion to answer the questions.

Assignment MUST include:

· Cover Page with Student’s Name, Course Number and Title, Class Time and Date, Assignment

· Number and write out each question; answer in detail using complete paragraphs and sentences

· Word Processed – 12 Point Font, Double-spaced

· Free of grammatical and spelling errors

#1: Identify and list four (4) specific issues of your choice discussed in all the articles pertaining to gender differences in negotiations.

#2: Describe in your own words each issue and explain in detail why you believe each issues is important to understanding gender differences in the negotiating process.

#3:Analyze how understanding each issue will enhance your ability to negotiate with the opposite gender in future. Women – How can you use this information to be a stronger negotiator? Men – How will you negotiate differently with women with this new knowledge?


Critique the Negotiation Strategies for Women report for its overall value. Identify the one article that you feel was the most valuable to you and explain why? Explain how this report is important to study of negotiations?


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