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Substance abuse is common among the forensic population, and it can be difficult to treat. This assignment will prepare you for the issues you may encounter regarding treating substance abuse with the forensic population.
Review the Clinical Case Studies journal in this week’s University Library Resources.
Choose a case study that discusses a substance-related disorder.
Imagine the individual in the case study has now entered the correctional system and your team has been asked to educate a team of professionals on how to treat this individual.
Research the effects of substance-related disorders in the correctional system, as well as common treatment interventions.
Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation showcasing the substance-related disorder in the case study. Include the following:

Describe the general behavioral symptoms for the substance-related disorder that are present in the case study.
Explain the relationship between substance abuse and criminal behavior.
Describe general treatment interventions for the individual in the case study in the correctional setting.

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need two slides each bullentin
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