Write your reflections from the classmate’s post by selecting an idea from the reading, describing your thoughts and feelings about it and why you agree. (MINIMUM OF 150 Words
                                                   CLASSMATE’S POST
Chapter 17 goes into detail about the structured Discovery method. This is method in which the students can “discover” the information rather than the teacher telling it to them as the book describes. The two types of methods are direct instruction and informal instruction. Both methods allow the teachers to teach procedure, principles, and concepts. Both give students a different way to learn principles. There are always different ways to teach a subject. students can learn to develop their cognitive skills to develop the skill of deduction and reason. These methods are great for hands on instruction. As I look at these, I prefer the method of the teacher organizing and instructing the class. This way the students can clearly gain the necessary knowledge. 
Chapter 18 
This chapter gives us more information on teaching concepts. The author mentions that there are five different concept types. Concrete, abstract, relational, broad, and narrow. Each one of these concepts will allow the instructor to be able to get the message across in various ways. There author mentions that to use these methods the instructor must be prepared to present the material. We cannot teach a concept if we do not understand it ourselves. Prior preparation must be given to make sure teaching concepts can be taught. As instructors we always want to do our best to challenge ourselves and the students any way that we can!

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