Write your reflections from the classmate’s post by selecting an idea from the reading, describing your thoughts and feelings about it and why you agree.
                                                               CLASSMATE’S POST
Chapter 15
Direct Instruction is a model for teaching that emphasizes well-developed and carefully planned lessons designed around small learning increments and clearly defined and prescribed teaching tasks. It is based on the theory that clear instruction eliminating misinterpretations can greatly improve and accelerate learning. Basically, teachers are “directing” the instructional process or instruction is being “directed” at students.
A teaching method that assumes all students can be taught, all students can improve both academically and in terms of self-image, and that teachers succeed when they are supported with adequate training and materials is one that most people could get behind.
Chapter 16
Specific teaching events occur in an informal presentation lesson. Teacher begins by telling students directly what they will be doing and why. Clearly stating the short-term lesson objective and the objective purpose. Teachers shows and explains the advance organizer. Teacher presents the lesson content using a subject matter outline/organizer, a variety of visual supports to help clarify info. Frequent checks for understanding. Teacher provides supervised practice with feedback for students before they work Teacher uses an evaluation following successful practice. Teacher ties together lesson with a closing. During the lesson. Use interest builders. Use active participation strategies (i.e. note taking- guides, partner talk, and so on. Provides students with supports and scaffolds as needed but withdraw these asap. Teachers generally use the informal presentation model to teach declarative info. Teach facts or knowledge about something. Factual info, principles, and concepts are examples of declarative knowledge.
Price, K. M., & Nelson, K. L. (2018). Planning effective instruction: Diversity responsive methods and management (6th ed.)

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