Nature-Inspired Material Engineers

i need you to write about the responsiveness and adaptation of material based on surrounding situation like chameleon and bugs and the modern days applicationsNature-Inspired Material Engineers;  Biomimicry means to imitate life or nature. Based on the expression saying, “Nature knows best”, then biomimicry is a way of learning from nature. It is a way to observe nature in action and use that knowledge to inspire new ideas. Engineers often look at the nature in general and to amazing characteristics of animals and plants to create new ideas to develop new products or materials.Individually do the following;Look at nature and link observed phenomena to a material engineering problem and technologyLearn the fundamentals and opportunities of the nature-inspired material engineering approach Apply fundamental principles, borrowed from natural systems to material engineering problems Recognize situations where a nature-inspired material engineering approach might bring up a new and more performing solutionIn your report of around 900-1100 words, you need to address the following: Title; what is the title of your assignment? Problem; what is the problem that you want to solve? Why do you think a nature-inspired approach will work and how it is better than the traditional approach? Nature-Inspired Approach; explain the concepts behind your nature-inspired solution (general introduction to your selection)Environment; in what natural environment does your project occur (or is inspired by) and what is the technologies involved?Material engineering; what are the material engineering principles? What are the applications to material engineering or might be the geometry or structure to your materials?Milestones; what are the past milestones and the tools of today that makes possible achievement to solve the problem?Propose; what is the potential or might be the future application.References; include scholarly references to support your workYou are going to present your work to your classmates in 8 minutes including question and answer time on week 15, date TBA. You must submit your report and presentation slides using SafeAssign on blackboard before the presentation time. The students require some rubrics where the following four dimensions considered estimating the grade of the student:Significance of the idea 20%PPT slides Presentation 30%Discussion 10%Report 50%The following detailed criteria are taken into consideration to assign the grades:Report:Significance and relevancy of the idea Originality Correct implementation of tools Quality of references Enough number of pages (As specified)Language, grammar, spelling General organization (tables titles, sections numbering, quality of figures, etc.)Presentation:Language, pronunciation Quality of presenting ideasIndependency of expressing ideas (for example not just reading the slides)Quality of slides (for example appropriate font size, etc.)Reasonable number of slides (about 10)Reasonable time (within the specified time limit, 8 minutes) Answering the questions 

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Nature-Inspired Material Engineers
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