Must pay attention and follow instructions.

Return to your Project Libre file saved in your previous assignment. Click on the task view tab and the Gantt chart view. Right click on the “Start” column until you see the “insert column” window. Click on “insert column”. Next, scroll down the insert column window until you see “Cost”. Click on “Cost”. This creates a column to capture the cost of each of the activities in your project.
Next, click on the “Charts” tab in the upper right-hand corner of the Project Libre screen. This will bring up the S-Curve.
Answer the following questions in a two-page Word document report:

At what point in your project does the cost/budget      curve peak?
What activities are driving the peak in project costs?
In your view, is the cost curve manageable, or would it      be more practical to smooth out the cost curve? If so, what steps would      you take to do this?
What are the implications of your cost curve for cash      flow and project funding?

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Must pay attention and follow instructions.
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