Module 06 Content

For the final submission of your course project you will complete both your Risk Register and submit the Risk Monitoring Plan that you have been developing throughout the course.

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Note: Make sure to refer to the Risk Management Plan template if needed.


Risk Register
For the final additions to your Risk Register, you will fill out the Risk Control section (Column 3a-3c) for the top 10 risks identified in Module 03. Be sure to identify the control measures that can be used to mitigate each operational risk. A reassessment of the RPN (Risk Prioritization Number) must also be addressed.

Risk Monitoring Plan
For your final submission, you will use all your previous work on the Risk Register and your summary reports to complete the Risk Monitoring Plan. For your final Risk Monitoring Plan be sure to:

Classify business risks as they relate to information gathered in Module 01 – 05.
Identify three Security Controls.
Evaluate security control effectiveness for each risk mitigation.
Identify who, if anybody, should be in charge of an organization’s conduct.
Identify regulating ethical standards and who should watch over the regulators and define information system risks.
Identify the key components needed to create a risk management continuous monitoring plan.
Finally, your plan will provide your proposals for providing Continuous Assessment, Continuous Reporting, and Continuous Authorization.
Submit your completed assignments by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.




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