Selecting appropriate monitoring tools for a virtual environment is a very important responsibility of the System Administrators. For this discussion research applications from two (2) different vendors offering monitoring tools for a virtual environment. Evaluate at least one (1) application from each vendor and answer the following questions:

List the main features of each product.
What type of monitoring is being performed?
Provide a real-world example of how and where these products are being used
What would you monitor in a large, enterprise with over 1000 VMs?

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You are NOT limited to the Hyper-V tools but can and should expand your research to include monitoring tools designed for other virtualization environments, including VMware vSphere and Citrix XenServer.
Please DO NOT pick the same products, if it was already selected and described by other students. This will ensure much better discussion and learning opportunities.
Provide references to support your statements and conclusions. Do not copy and paste from the internet. Instead, include URLs to original sources so that anyone can get more information.


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