Module 2: Assignment: Create and Link Tables Instructions

Use Access to construct a database for a college bookstore store based on the step-by-step instructions listed below.
Create a database and one table:

The name of the database will be Inventory_YourLastname.
Create a table named PRODUCTS based on data in Table 1.
Determine the appropriate data type for each field.
Assign an AutoNumber field to serve as the Primary Key. This should be the first field of the table and named PRODUCTID.
Populate the table with data from Table 1.

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Module 2: Assignment: Create and Link Tables Instructions
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PRODUCT_NAMEDEPARTMENTQUANTITYPRICESUPPLIERAvocado DipF60.99Jay’sBall Point PenP1500.89BicChipsF770.65Lay’sClass RingC5098.95BalfourDictionaryB2212.95ColumbiaDoritosF1452.49Lay’sFelt-tip PenP760.98BicLogo T-ShirtC2509.99ChampionPencilP2000.15BicPepsiF4440.65PepsiSchool JacketC10034.95ChampionSchool TieC1517.50Field’sThesaurusB 1218.00ColumbiaThree-Hole PaperA2001.98MeadThree-Ring BinderA1223.50Mead
Add a new table to the Inventory database:
You now want to include the supplier information in the INVENTORY database. Use the information below:

Create a table named SUPPLIERS based on Table 2.
Determine the appropriate data type for each field.
Assign the SUPPLIER field as SUPPLIERS table Primary Key.
Use the Telephone number input mask to format the telephone number.
Populate the table with data from Table 2.

SUPPLIERCONTACTSTREET ADDRESSCITYSTATEZIP CODEPHONE NUMBERBalfourCoffinWall Street PlazaNew YorkNY100052122690800BicZeienPrudential TowerBostonMA22199ChampionOwen3141 MonroeRochesterNY146037163853200ColumbiaQuigleyColumbia College
New York
NY100270Field’s11 N StateChicagoIL606030Jay’s1504 W 44thChicagoIL606530Lay’sBeeby7701 Legacy DrPlanoTX750242146244700MeadRobertsCourthouse PlazaDaytonOH454635134956323PepsiCallowayAnderson Hill RoadPurchaseNY105779142532000
Relating the two tables:
You will need to establish a link between the PRODUCTS and SUPPLIERS tables.

Determine the common attribute between the PRODUCTS and SUPPLIERS tables.
Use the common field and create a relationship.

Perform Sort, Filter and:

Open the SUPPLIERS table and sort the records based on CITY. Save as CitySort.
Open the PRODUCTS table and create a filter of your own choice.
Use the ‘Aggregate’ function to calculate the average price in the PRODUCTS table.

Close and Submit:

Close your database.
Submit your database to the assignment submission folder that follows this page.



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