Mock Dissertation Chapter Three Methodology

 Topic:  Heart Disease among older adults
In week 1, you selected a topic and developed a research question for that topic. Then, you developed a data gathering instrument to measure the question either quantitatively or qualitatively. Now that you have had the opportunity to read how scholarly methodologies are written, you will write a condensed 3-4 page methodology section for your research question using the required headings from the University of the Cumberlands Dissertation Handbook.  Like we discuss in class, each university has unique parameters for what they expect in chapter 3, so you may see papers from other universities that look slightly different. The importance here is to focus on the content, not necessarily the organization. This assignment will help determine your readiness to write a full-length chapter three.

Review your notes from class on the different methodologies and instruments used to measure. Also, review the examples:

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Mock Dissertation Chapter Three Methodology
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Approaches Expectations.docx
Meets Expectations.docx
Exceeds Expectations.docx
Finally, review the rubric: Rubric for Methodology.docx

Develop a 3-4 page (more is fine) methodology section that includes the following:

Research Paradigm (qualitative or quantitative)
Research- or project- Design
Sampling Procedures and
Data Collection Sources
Statistical Tests Summary (quantitative) OR Data Organization Plan (Qualitative)


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