Mo15submit business project

M13/M15 – Business Types Project Directions
Research and list 10 different interior design businesses within the greater Sacramento region. 
The information is out there, it may just take some time to find it all.

State what type of ownership each one operates under (sole proprietorship, limited partnership, LLC, or corporation). 

List what type of business licenses and/or permits are required for each 
(resale permit, CA Certification, contractors license, professional affiliations, etc.).
Include a Web address for each business listed. 
Must be in a table format with headers for each required item (as shown in the example on the next page).

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Mo15submit business project
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I thought this was something that all businesses would list on their websites; clearly, this is not the case.  Some do, most do not.  I then tried (on Firefox or Google) the search prompt “interior design LLC”  this brought up many ID businesses that are LLCs.  This may be done for Limited Partnerships and other business types too.  In California, the Secretary of State Office ( (Links to an external site.)  is where businesses register.  I would imagine that there is a search tool on their site too.
Acceptable File Formats for Submission
Only submit .pdf files. Work saved as .ZIP or other files will not be graded.
Examples of Internet searches and table formats are on the following page


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