Mktg 305 Individual Project New Product Development Winter 2020

Mktg 305 Individual Project New Product Development Winter 2020 The new Student Center is looking for new product ideas to enhance the student experience. The ideas need to be specific to the New CSU San Bernardino Student Center or future CSUSB Palm Desert Campus Student Center. No ideas will be accepted that work for every campus. New product/service ideas do not need to be big changes. Reminder: Please provide a new product or service that you have thought of. Not a product or service that is already developed (it must be from you), this is your idea so have fun with it. I don’t expect boring products/activities, think outside the box. The product does not have to have a large market. I will do a Google search on each idea and papers are checked with turinitin. Paper needs to follow outline format. Recommend 3-5 pages single spaced with outline (headings and bullets) writing style. Provide a couple of references to help justify your idea. Most new products start out as crazy ideas. You need to learn how to justify your crazy ideas. Have fun. 1. What Problem does the product/service solve? 2. Competition – who are your competitors 3. SWOT 4. Why is this product/service important 5. Demographics: Age Gender Marital/relationship status Income 6. Psychographics: Personal activities Group activities How time is spent 7. Research – Provide information from a minimum of two articles to justify. One article can be substituted for 5 different individual responses to your product service idea. 8. Product/service name 9. Price of product/service 10.Conclusion – Why is this a good idea for a new product/service 11.References

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Mktg 305 Individual Project New Product Development Winter 2020
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