Misleading Data

Misleading Data Project


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Misleading Data
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Explain why you think the data visualizations could be misleading.  There are four prompts (data visualizations).  Each prompt should be addressed in a minimum of 200 words.  Citations are not required for this assignment but be sure to include as much detail as possible to illustrate your thinking.

The Assessment is available as a PDF for reference.

Complete your assessment using the downloadable assessment document and submit your completed assessment.

This assignment must be processed through Safe Assign.

All students are required to complete all assignments and discussions independently.  Copying and sharing assignments are unacceptable.  All assignments will be sent thought SAFE ASSIGN and you will receive an originality report.  Any assignment with a high originality percentage will be tracked and matched within the database.



Acceptable good job.



Acceptable but focus further on developing your thoughts.



Unacceptable, your submission has a high percentage of plagiarism.  There could be evidence of Academic Dishonesty.

Student Process for Academic Dishonesty Instances

  1.  First Offense – 0 for the assignment
  2. Second Offense – 0 for the course
  3. Third Offense – 0 Dismissal from the University.


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